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The team at Grow Digitally originally formed in 2007. After years of growth, our previous company was acquired by a large agency where we co-led the digital strategy group for global brands. Realizing the agency format was not the best way to stay agile and fully serve our clients, our team subsequently re-formed as Grow Digitally in 2014 with the sole purpose of developing world-class, yet still affordable, digital strategies.

We have an organized and streamlined process that minimizes the stress many organizations have experienced with development projects. Our technologists have backgrounds in both business and development, so you’ll never feel the need to bring a translator to understand our recommendations. We’ve run multiple businesses, served on boards of multiple nonprofits, and are ready to help you grow

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Meet The Team

Kyle Claypool
Kyle ClaypoolCo-founder
Kyle has spent his career helping businesses generate more traffic and revenue online. He has served as Director of Digital Strategy for a global marketing agency, after the agency purchased the first online marketing company that he founded. Kyle currently serves as a digital strategy advisor to companies of all shapes and sizes.

Kyle was recently retained as an expert witness by the Illinois Attorney General in a case involving Search Marketing fraud for his extensive knowledge of search marketing. He has also served as the United States technical expert and judge at WorldSkills Website Design competitions in London and Rio de Janeiro. And it might go without saying, but Kyle’s greatest passion is helping entrepreneurs grow great businesses online.

He even started a distillery!

Dan Rohr
Dan RohrCo-founder
With nearly a decade of experience, Dan’s unique set of skills provide successful & customized web strategy and marketing services to fit diverse needs.

An entrepreneur even before graduating from the University of Illinois, Dan co-founded an online digital marketing company and was instrumental in its expansion from humble beginnings — providing websites for small, local body shops – to its sale to a global marketing company. Driven by sharp competitiveness and a constant thirst for knowledge, Dan helps a diverse array of companies succeed in the highly competitive internet landscape.


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