Elements of An Effective Blog Post – Promoting

Standing out from your competition can be a challenge in itself, but the digital age has allowed us to customize our brands even better than before. One major benefit of having a company blog is the power of promoting it. Now that you know why we blog, let’s discuss how to promote your content.

Sharing Other Content

Be generous by sharing other people’s content in your posts. This opens up doors and makes getting them to share your content much easier.

Ask an influencer or expert for input, or request permission to share a recipe, photo, etc. Then send them a link and/or @mention them when you publish. People are vastly more likely to share when they’ve got a stake in it. This also allows you to build relationships with influencers and experts for future content and collaboration opportunities. It’s a win-win.

Social Sharing

When deciding what images to use in a blog post, think of what you would find interesting on social media. As a general rule, all images should be easily shared on social media. Images should relate well to the topic of your blog post, as well as create a visual story of what you are trying to portray.

Use a “Click-to-Tweet” plugin to highlight important passages and encourage sharing. These short, poignant sections of a blog post section should be thought-provoking and interesting enough for viewers to want to share with their followers.

Link Building

A proven method to promote a blog post is to connect with others for content. Using a guest contributor, having an expert help with a topic or simply having someone else create the blog post can incentivize them to promote it once published.

You can also use internal links from your own blog in a post. At the top of this blog post, we linked you to our first post in our “Elements of An Effective Blog Post,” series. This allows a reader to quickly access something that is helpful and related to the recent topic, as well as stay on your site longer.


The final (and very important) part of promoting a blog post is to encourage and moderate comments to build a community and increase the interaction. Establishing personal connections is a great way to get people sharing. With the millions of links and topics shared through social media, finding a community of others who understand a subject of interest can be comforting and/or appealing. Try not to lose any new followers by not engaging with them properly. Respond to comments quickly, and make sure to ask questions to encourage a conversation.


What have been some of your favorite blog post conversation starters?


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