Elements of An Effective Blog Post – Creating Content

Long story short, blog posts are written for skimming. Our society’s attention span is abysmal. Our content needs to cater to that. Assume you’ve got their attention for 60 seconds, and make sure they can glean the most important points even if they skip anything that looks like a paragraph.

Blog Post Formatting

  • Utilize <h> headings to separate main points
  • Present content in bullet lists (just like we are doing in this section of the post)
  • Avoid paragraphs longer than 5 lines, when possible
  • Always break up consecutive, long paragraphs with images/lists/headings


Choose 1-3 keywords that you will emphasize throughout the post. These should appear in the title, the URL and at least twice in the body of the post. For instance, this blog post is focusing on how you can create the best content for your blog. If we didn’t emphasize content as one of the keywords, the purpose of this could easily become lost. 

*Note: for some blogs, content that is viral and shareable is more important than keyword focus. Consult the overall marketing strategy to determine priority.*


Use images to drive home your main points (or to show recipes), and to break up larger blocks of text. While your content can be captivating for you to read, remember to think of your general audience. Breaking up content with images related to the topic can help keep your readers interested.


Remember to establish a brand voice and stick to it. This can be especially complicated when you have multiple people writing content for your brand, but creating brand guidelines or a “Brand Book” can be very beneficial. Outline what you want your customers to gain from your brand (or different products/areas from your brand), and work on how you want your tone to come across.


As discussed in part I of Elements of An Effective Blog Post – Why Do We Blog?, make sure to end each post with a question or a Call to Action to encourage interaction. Without a CTA, you can lose readers who would have otherwise been engaged with what you had to say. 


Creating headlines really doesn’t have to be complicated, but there should be a good amount of research involved. We recommend that you use psychology to craft the perfect titles. Find out who your readers are and what will capture their attention. 

Do you have any questions regarding content creation or formatting a blog post? Write them below and let’s discuss!

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