Black Friday/Cyber Monday Statistics And Why You Need E-Commerce

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday numbers are in! If you’ve watched the news lately, you’ve heard that consumers bought a record-breaking amount of merchandise during this year for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Black Friday sales totaled an estimated $1.042 billion in e-commerce alone! That’s an astonishing 26% increase from last year’s e-commerce transactions.

More surprisingly, Cyber Monday pushed out Black Friday as the highest e-commerce participation. An incredible $1.465 billion was spent through e-commerce channels last Monday. That’s the most money spent online in a single day in US history!

What do these numbers mean for businesses?

Obviously, more and more people are shopping online. The amount of people willing to avoid the long lines and stressful environment of walk-in stores is increasing. Many folks would much rather shop from the comfort of their own home; and we can’t blame them!

Black Friday Shopping

My personal shopping experience led me to believe that many business aren’t taking advantage of increasing online sales. I wanted to buy car parts for my new hot-rod project. I had an oil pan, exhaust system, and a wiring harness on my shopping list heading into the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend. I was having a hard time deciding which items to actually purchase first. I decided to leave it up to marketing to sell me on the best product special.

Surprisingly, when I searched for products online, three of the four stores I found weren’t having a Black Friday/Cyber Monday special of any kind. Two of the sites didn’t have an e-commerce channel to purchase their products! I ended up trying to contact two of the websites and I got zero responses from either website. Needless to say, I kept my money.

E-commerce on Cyber MondayAll four of those sites missed an excellent opportunity to make a sale. I had money burning a hole in my pocket and the lack of marketing and e-commerce effort turned me away. A simple “free shipping” or “10% off special” promotion with a convenient e-commerce channel would have enticed me just enough to make a purchase.

Examples like mine happen more than you would think. Companies that refuse to adapt to the new age of material consumption will fall behind. A 26% increase in online sales is no joke. Help your business get a piece of the pie by implementing an effective e-commerce system.

An e-commerce plugin is an incredibly easy way to set up an online store quickly. There are dozens of e-commerce WordPress plugins that are easy to set up and take very little effort to manage. Even better, most of them are relatively inexpensive. A well optimized e-commerce campaign will easily show a return on investment.

Ecommerce wordpress plugin

Here are some of our favorite e-commerce WordPress plugins:

What are you waiting for? Consumers are just a few clicks from purchasing your products. It only makes sense to make that transaction as seamless as possible.

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