How to Brainstorm Successful Blog Posts

coming up with blog post ideasToday in the web marketing world, everyone knows the importance of a blog. It keeps your website fresh, creates new content for outside sources to link to, and encourages readers to frequently return to your site. In order for your blog to be successful, you need creative topics, keyword-heavy text and titles, captivating images, and a strategy. One of the most difficult things about blogging is coming up with creative blog posts after you’ve already used the obvious topics. This is where brainstorming comes into play.

Brainstorming can take up time and energy, but often the most unique and linkable ideas come from a dedicated brainstorming session. If you’re a beginner to brainstorming ideas or looking for news ways to tackle brainstorming, read our basic tips on how to brainstorm:

Blog Post Brainstorming Tip #1 – Get out of the Workplace

Sometimes a change of scenery can really boost inspiration and change your outlook. If you’re typically stuck in an office all day, take a brainstorming trip to the park or local coffee shop. New environments can quickly change perspective and jump start conversations.

Blog Post Brainstorming Tip #2 -Diversity

While brainstorming for posts, include people from all backgrounds and viewpoints. By having a wide range of experiences from people to bounce ideas off, you can get ideas that appeal to all types of people. You may also find new things about a particular demographic that you didn’t know before.

Blog Post Brainstorming Tip #3 -Think Big

If you theoretically had thousands of dollars to do a large project or post, what would you create? Getting these big ideas out in the open can inspire scalable ideas of similar grandier. Plus, others may know of tools or resources you aren’t familiar with. If there was an easy way to complete a large project would you do it? Explore all options during brainstorming for the best results.

Blog Post Brainstorming Tip #4 -Be Quick

While sometimes you want deep conversations, there are other times where it’s appropriate to just start shouting out ideas. Set down a timer for 3 minutes and come up with as many crazy ideas as possible. Once you’ve stopped, you’ll surprise yourself with original ideas that you would have never come up with. Now take these ideas, modify them, and make them happen.

Blog Post Brainstorming Tip #5 -No Room for Negativity

Never shoot down a “crazy” or “silly” idea. Encourage them! Once you shoot down someone’s idea they are automatically less likely to speak up with others. Plus, those “crazy” ideas can spark the imagination and deliver unique content that no one else has. Hearing out every idea has a positive effect on the brainstorming session and on the people participating.

Brainstorming for blog posts and content creation is as important as ever. There is always something new and hip going on online, and your best chance to be a part of it comes from your updated blog. So get creative and get to brainstorming!

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