November 2012 Web Marketing Monthly Review – Poetry and Google Employees Not Using Google+

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Follow along as Optima touches on some of the web marketing news stories you may have missed this month.

Google Algorithm Change

Only one this month, but it looks like December may be quite a bit busier. In November, there was one confirmed Google update, this time to Panda:

There was another hiccup in results near the middle of the month, but Google didn’t confirm it as an update. Search Engine Land did get Google to say to expect one during the beginning of December though.

Google Poetics

A fun new time-killer website reached some prominence in the tech community this month focusing on Google’s auto-complete function and its often poetic nature. Here are a few of our favorites:

google poetry

google poetry

google poetry

google poetry

Depressing Google+ Usage Stats

Nearly 1/3 of Google employees haven’t touched their Google+ page in the past month, with 1/5 not using it in the last three months and 13% not using it in the past six month.

Search Engines and the Presidential Elections

It feels like it happened ages ago now, but the elections (rightly so) dominated the news during the beginning of the month. Each search engine had its own special section of their sites devoted specifically to the elections and results. Danny Sullivan over at Search Engine Land has a great write-up on the election results on each engine. Here are a few of the more interesting photo highlights:

google presidential elections 2012

google presidential elections 2012 libertarian searches

yahoo presidential elections 2012

bing presidential elections 2012

Pinterest for Business

Pinterest released a new set of special pages specifically for businesses. Simply verify a business is yours by placing some code on your website, and begin pinning!

Mark Cuban Quits Facebook

Tired of the increasingly extravagant costs for exposure, Mark Cuban looks to moving all his social to Tumblr.

Mark Cuban Quits facebook

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