Seasonal SEO – Winter Holidays

As we approach Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah, and New Year’s (to name a few), we see a huge spike in search trends. This year, people will spend 36% of their shopping time online looking up deals, price checking and purchasing. With the average consumer spending $500 dollars on holiday gifts, this is a great opportunity to sell your product or service!

These numbers don’t do us any good if we don’t know what our shoppers are searching for, hence Seasonal SEO. Knowing the most commonly used search terms for your industry can really pay off this holiday season. Did you know that “holiday gifts” is searched over 20X more than “holiday presents”? So if you’re busy optimizing for “presents” instead of “gifts” you’re missing out on huge traffic potential.

To further prove our point here are graphs of popular search terms from Google Trends:

winter seo

The general term “gifts for men” receives thousands of search results during the holiday and Valentine’s Day season. Using this term will help searchers find your site, assuming you sell gifts for men. Now, how do smaller sites rank above large competitors like Target and Wal-Mart corp. for the term “gifts for men?” The answer lies with the long tail, which provides over 70% of all searches. It may be difficult to rank high for those competitive keywords, but by using keywords with three or more terms, you can pick up a lot of traffic. For example “unique gifts for men” “sports gifts for men” or “music gifts for men” will all be highly searched this season. Whatever industry you are in, you can benefit by throwing in these types of keywords in your titles, descriptions, and social media profiles.


Seasonal SEO – Yearly Trends

seasonal seo

Exploring the search term “shoes” we would not expect much seasonal change, but looking closely at Google, we see a trend. Even something as broad as “shoes” gets more searches in particular months. Each local maximum are during the months April, August, and December and likely coincide with release of new merchandise. Retail sites should take note.  Promoting those new items with selective keywords during those months will bring more people to your site.

There are hundreds of examples of seasonal retail trends that you can take advantage of.  Imagine how the keyword “garland” looks during the year? Know when you’re getting searched, and then take action! Online is one of the best ways to level the playing field with huge retailers, so with a little keyword research you can be on your way to greater traffic and conversions. 

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