October Web Marketing Monthly Review – SEO Success Stories, Google Webmaster Tools, and How Your Website is Affected!

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White hat SEO is a never-ending process to improve your user experience. Webmasters must constantly adapt to an ever-changing online experience. Google has been hard at work this month improving their massive index of the web that so many of us rely on. Most, if not all of these news stories and articles will impact you in one way or another – if they haven’t already!

Here is our list of the most important SEO and Web Marketing news for the month of October.

Google Tools and Matt Cutts

Google Webmaster Tools Alert Tweet by Matt Cutts

  • Notice the reply by @rasitrazz? It’s funny he should mention that. Just 15 days later on October 16th, Google released their new Disavow links tool to “Block unnatural links to your site”.

Seo Content Freshness addressed by Matt Cutts

While he does explain content freshness doesn’t benefit certain industries in Google’s eyes, he doesn’t mention anything about using a blog to promote your reputation with your users. No matter what industry you are in, it is essential to become a trusted leader and expert in that industry. A blog with fresh content is an amazing tool to do just that.

  • Google’s new tag manager will significantly reduce the time it takes to completely tag your website.
  • Updated Google Webmaster Tools Guideline stands as a checklist to ensure your site is user and Google friendly. Simple steps like finding and fixing broken links as well as more advanced tricks like sitemap and robots.txt files are mentioned to make sure your site will perform at its full potential. This month the guideline was updated with even more features.
  • Google Insights has merged with Google Trends. This makes the Trends tool arguably more powerful overall but will remove Google Trends for websites. This will remove some powerful analytic data previously used by SEO webmasters.
  • These new Google AdWords Credit Cards will streamline the process of investing in your business by starting and maintaining an AdWords campaign. In short: Google is making it easier to give them money. Check out this infographic that illustrates Google’s $100 million daily search revenue.
  • In an effort to improve user experience, this Google search algorithm change favors websites with more relevant content above the fold. This change will impact the layout and placement of advertisements and relevant content.

SEO news for above the fold content

  • mod_pagespeed is no longer in beta stage. This open-source tool automatically optimizes your website for cleanliness and speed. This reduces the amount of jargon the web needs to crawl through by using methods like combining multiple files and links into one:

SEO tool Mod_pagespeed is no longer in beta phase


Other News – Social Media, Mobile Marketing, and an SEO Success Story

  • Joe Eskenazi from SFWeekly dives into the debated success of the ultra popular website, Bleacher Report. Most notably, Bleacher Report attributes most of their success to Search Engine Optimization. Bleacher Report spends most of their resources on keyword research. Well implemented title tags and content optimization drive millions of visitors to their site every day. Bleacher Report might be the holy grail of websites that prove just how effective search engine optimization can be. I decided to try an experiment. My very first random search resulted in two Bleacher Report articles on the first page. Impressive.

SEO is behind the success of popular sports website bleacher report

  • We see just how much Social Media is impacting our everyday lives. The 2012 social media election campaigns have grasped the attention of more young US citizens than ever before through Social Media – significantly more than the last election just four years ago. Only a short time will tell what the actual impact of this reach will be.
  • We will see a shift in the mobile web marketing industry very soon. According to Adobe’s Digital Advertising statistics, 1 in 5 paid search clicks were from a mobile device or tablet. Even more interesting, iOS devices converted twice as often as Android devices.

Mobile Marketing will begin to target iOS

There you have it! The busy month of October brought us some valuable tools and information. But remember, for every story covered in this article, fifty other important articles weren’t mentioned. Check back on our blog often for more news and information from the top level white hat web presence management resources on the web.


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  1. Scott Pittman November 2, 2012 at 11:11 am - Reply

    The two major ones from this I think that we will see the biggest growth, change and development from are:

    1) Mobile & Tablet
    2) Social Media

    You need a social media presence and to build your audience and a mobile version of your site asap if you don’t already have them.

  2. David Zee November 4, 2012 at 12:04 am - Reply

    October was a blast for SEO. There was the EMD update and algo changes that Matt Cutts announced and now everyone is bringing in new content and fresh things into the web. This is the era of the best SEO strategies indeed.

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