According to Google, January is the Worst Month Ever

After the joy of Christmas and other December Holidays begin to fade, the realization of winter really sets in. With three to fourth months until warm weather arrives, we get desperate and Google torturous images of beaches and swimwear to satisfy our longing. From a web marketing perspective, this is fascinating because it enables us to keep track of search terms throughout seasons. We’ve covered some of the obvious search terms in Holiday SEO terms, but through Google Trends, we can continue to search for those terms that aren’t as intuitive.

Here is a short list of terms produce a local maximum in January year after year:

  • Hours of Daylight
  • Seasonal Depression
  • Light Therapy
  • Winter Blues
  • Weather in Miami
  • Weather in Australia
  • Beaches
  • All Inclusive Resorts
  • Caribbean Cruise
  • New Swim
  • Cancun
  • Vacations

google trends seasonal seo

google trends seasonal seo

Of course certain terms like “Beaches” and “Vacations” get a huge portion of traffic year round, but the January spike leads us to believe that people are trying to lift their spirits with balmy photos of paradise.  These terms, and many more, show us insight into people’s personal interests and purchases throughout January and other winter months. If you’re choosing to advertise heavily in the summer for a summer-related product, think again!  You could be marketing in January, with little competition, and satisfying your customer’s secret winter desires.

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