Google Increasing Privacy & Transparency, Hiding Valuable SEO Information

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Ever wondered how Google decides which search ads to display for you? Soon you can see exactly why certain ads show up for you, even if they weren’t directly related to your current search. By clicking the “Why This Ad?” text link inside Google’s Ads, you’ll be able to see the reason the ad was displayed based on your search history. You can even block specific advertisers or entirely turn off ads.

Check out a video on how to use the changes:

In a change that is troubling for SEO campaigns, Google has implemented a new policy regarding searches. Anybody logged in to Google while searching will be directed to their “https” site that will encrypt data and help secure your search history. It’s a change long in the making that has been made necessary by Google’s increasing movement towards personalized search results. The fantastic security benefits have one drawback though: the “https” searches no longer pass keyword information along to Google Analytics. That missing data (now shown as “not provided” in Analytics keyword data) makes it more difficult to effectively measure keyword targeting progress.

Over the past two weeks we’re seeing a range from 2-8% of searches, depending on the industry, coming in as the dreaded “not provided” in Google Analytics due to the new security measures. These numbers are in line with initial estimates of impacted searches by Google’s Matt Cutts.

Thankfully, Google AdWords data is not being affected by the changeover to more secure searching, allowing advertisers to continue to effectively monitor AdWords campaigns.

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