Google Sitelinks Redesign – A Huge Improvement!

Continuing their recent initiatives to clean up all of their sites’ designs, Google has vastly improved their “sitelinks” feature in organic search results. Google has always been clean and simple but their recent design tweaks have been a vast improvement, making all of their products even easier to use. The new layout increases space available to the sitelinks, the maximum number of sitelinks shown (up to 12), boosts text size and allows for small description snippets and URLs.

Take a look at how the new and improved sitelinks compares to Google’s previous versions:

New and Improved Version:

new google sitelinks design

2006 Launch Version:

old google sitelinks design

Version Used Until this Week:

second google sitelinks design

It’s not just an aesthetic change either, Google has also made changes to their algorithm to improve sitelink relevance and to make the sitelinks vary based on the search being used. Depending on how specific your search is, Google will show more or less sitelinks.

The new results are also great for top brands, as they get even more search real estate. When you search for one of our clients by partial name, it’s over 650 pixels until the second listing appears!

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