Google Unveils New Page Speed Service

speed up your website with Google Page Speed ServiceIt’s been over a year since Google confirmed they use site speed as a ranking factor in their search algorithm, giving webmasters everywhere even more incentive to speed up their sites.  The benefits extend beyond mere SEO though as Google research shows slowing down or speeding up a site by a mere couple hundred milliseconds can have a pretty strong influence on visitor behavior over time.

Now Google is stepping in to help, creating a new way to deliver content to your site’s visitors through Google’s optimized servers. Simply Sign Up for Google’s Page Speed Service and hope they give you an invite into the system. If you’re lucky enough to get the invite, you’ll need to change your domain’s DNS to point towards Google and they’ll optimize everything according to web performance best practices!

Right now, the service is free but only being offered on a limited basis via invite. It will eventually roll out to all at a “competitive price.” If you’re unable to get an invite to the service right away, here’s some easy tactics for improving your site’s speed:

  • Optimizing Image File Sizes – Saving an image at a quality of 60% instead of 100% in Photoshop can reduce image files sizes by over 100%
  • Caching Plugin –These work especially great on WordPress sites
  • Combining CSS files  into one
  • Fixing Broken Links

If you’d like to see how speedy your site is, try entering your URL into WebPageTest and see how you’re doing. You can even get a comparison estimating how much faster your site would be with Google’s Page Speed Service activated. Our website would improve by 30%! You can be sure we’ve already signed up.

web page speed test results for optima worldwide

Fill out this form on Google to see if you can get an invite today!

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