8 Ways to Improve Your Pinterest Account for Web Marketing Success

Pinterest has no doubt been a major player in the social media and SEO industry, being the third-most popular social media site behind Facebook and Twitter. Exposure for brands, products and ideas are currently traded and found on a higher level than ever before. If your business CAN use Pinterest, and is not, you’re missing out on loyal customers, new inquiries and profits. The best way to get comfortable with Pinterest is to explore and watch trends, but to help you jump start the Pinterest process, here are 8 tips you can take into consideration today:

Pinterest Keywords

  1. Include The Pin-It Social Media Icon

This seems like a no-brainer, but many sites lack the “Pin-It” icon. If you are presenting any type of visually-appealing image, put the pin it icon onto your site! Need Social Icon ideas? Take a look at Pinterest’s own “Social Media Icons” for some great ideas.

  1. Pin Photos From The Internet, Not Your Hard Drive

If you are getting started as a Business on Pinterest, you may be pinning hundreds of photos the first day or two. If you directly upload onto Pinterest from your hard drive, the link to your site won’t show up automatically. It takes a bit longer to edit your link in Pinterest than it does to pin it from a site, and if you are a business, you need your link on the pin. If someone is interested in your product, but can’t follow the link, you will lose that potential traffic.

  1. Use Focused Keywords in Image Descriptions

In the Pinterest search bars, people can search for boards, people or individual pins. Make sure each of these is descriptive and unique. You can have up to 500 characters on any Pinterest image, so use plenty of descriptive words- though stay away from blatantly “selling” your item.

  1. Robust Boards

It is so disappointing to a user to find a board that they’ve searched for, only to realize it has 10 or less pins. In the beginning of your Pinterest life the number of pins will be your biggest challenge, but continue to update and add to get a solid board with variety. This number will vary for every board, but if you have at least 30 pins per board, it will motivate people to stick around. Similarly, shoot for a goal of 14 unique boards. This number takes up your entire profile page, and looks very impressive upon arrival.

Full Pinterest BoardsFull Pinterest BoardYou can see from the above boards, the right looks more intriguing and useful.

  1. Pin From a Unique URL Within Your Site.

This is important for the small businesses and blogs. If you feature an item on your homepage and it gets pinned, the URL on Pinterest will come from where the photo was pinned, even if the location of the item has changed. This can throw people off if they click the link, and arrive on a page without the original image. If you have a blog-style website that archives old posts, you should also include a search bar for easier exploration.

  1. Are Your Images Pinnable?

The one downside of Pinterest is that it is 100 percent visual. If you offer great textual content without high-quality images you probably won’t get pinned. On the other hand, if you really focus on making each photo the best it can be, it can attract shares without needing complex literature behind it. With the advancement of technology and a bit of effort, everyone can produce pinnable images. The extra effort is worth it!

  1. Use Image Formatting to Stand out on PinterestImage Formatting on Pinterest

Pinterest boards can consist of hundreds of pins. How do you stand out almond so many exquisite photos? Try different sizes of images, and see how frequently they get shared. Long infographics, intructables, or other photos can draw an eye. Once, you’ve gotten some attention; make sure your photo is showcasing something of value to your potential customers. Adding directions, tips, or other helpful words to an image can be another great way of attracting repins and site visits.

  1.  Be Creative!

Not all industries are fit for Pinterest. If you do happen to fall into a pinnable industry, try to come up with unique board ideas. These unique ideas will encourage people to follow you and repin your images. Think of seasons, product complements, holidays, interesting photography or uses for your items. There are countless boards waiting to be created!

Dive into Pinterest with some knowledge, and you will undoubtedly see value from it. By following these simple tips, everyone can become a Pinterest expert!

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