Facebook Advertising for Valentine’s Day

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Many businesses see a nice boost shortly before or on Valentine’s Day, and not just those that sell flowers and chocolate.

So, if you’re looking to increase sales around this holiday, how do you find these lovebirds? Luckily, Facebook offers a solution by way of advertising to specific demographics. Consider the following possibilities:


Advertise to Young People in Relationships

Facebook advertising demographics for young guys

Try targeting people under 20 who are in a relationship. Chances are good this is their first Valentine’s Day with their significant other. A 16-year-old guy wants to impress his girlfriend, but probably has no clue what to get her, where to take her, or where to even begin to plan a date.



Targeted facebook ad to young males for valentines dayHelp him out! Show him an ad that offers a solution to his problem. Create a how-to guide or resource on your blog. For instance, “A Ten Step Guide to the Perfect Valentine’s Day.” Of course, this works well if your product or service fits into one of those ten steps. Bonus points if you can tie it into your company’s larger marketing message and brand – consider cheap date ideas
(extra popular for teens!), geeky date ideas, foodie date ideas,
or anything else that relates to your brand.

Facebook advertising demographics for young ladies
The same applies for girls, of course; they probably don’t know what to get for their boyfriends.




Advertise to Young SinglesFacebook advertising demographics for young singles

Two options here: take the sympathetic approach, or try the “who needs Valentine’s Day?” approach. Use your web marketing personas to decide which will resonate best with your target market. Here are a few possible options for this audience:


Facebok ad targeting lonely singlesTargeted Facebook ad to singlesValentines day ad targeted to singles


Facebook advertising demographics for old married couplesAdvertise to Old Married Couples
Target your ad to married people over the age of 64. Try a tagline like “Make love new again” or “Remember Your First V-Day?” In the US, there are over 5.3 million Facebook users who are 64+ and married. That’s a big audience for the right message!



Advertise to People Who Are Probably Sick of Valentine’s Day
Maybe your business has a very hard time connecting with Valentine’s Day in any meaningful way. Why not identify groups of people who are likely so tired of hearts and Cupids that they’ll welcome a different approach?

Targeted Facebook ad for Hallmark EmployeesFacebook identifies 5,860 people in the US who work at Hallmark.

My friends at Hallmark get pretty tired of this holiday in particular. Perhaps you could grab their attention with an ad showing Cupid with a big red line through it? (Disclaimer – we haven’t actually tried this one. It may be a long shot, but we love the ability to target such a specific demographic niche)

Closing Thoughts

When creating your Facebook ads, keep these tips in mind:

  • Make sure your picture grabs attention. Bright colors, contrast, and faces are good. Your company logo is probably not the best choice.
  • When writing ad copy, try to include a call to action, as well as an incentive. Take a look at the sample ads above – “Meet someone today… Free Trial;” “Celebrate your independence… 15% off classes.” These ads also introduce a sense of urgency – do it today! This week only!
  • Get creative when thinking about Facebook advertising demographics. Do you have a product or message that will appeal to a specific age range, education level, or interest group? You can probably target them with an ad.
  • Test multiple options. Even with considerable experience, it’s difficult to guess what text or image will perform best. The only way to know for sure is to test and measure the results.

Love is in the air! With any luck, Facebook users will love the special deals you’ve prepared just for them.

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