Top 8 Reasons To Use Google+ For Business


Since its launch in June 2011, Google Plus has been ridiculed for being the desperate social media platform that nobody uses.

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We think that might be a little harsh. Google plus is the desperate social media platform everyone NEEDS to use. Google has leveraged its social media platform into one of the most appealing web presence management tools for businesses.

In fact, you might already be on Google+ and not even know it! Remember Google Places for Business? Google+ and Google Places are now rolled together, and each business is listed online as a Google+ page. If you haven’t optimized your local listing for Google in a while, do so immediately.


So, why exactly do you need a Google+ page? Here are the top 8 reasons.


Unrestricted Data – Facebook and Twitter restrict Google from accessing much of their data. This means your profiles on Facebook and Twitter won’t rank very well. Google Plus eliminates any restrictions and streamlines your company’s data directly to Google results.


Followed Links – You can embed a followed link into your Google+ profile. Better yet, you have full control over the link anchor text.

Google Plus Followed Links


Instant Indexing – Google indexes a webpage instantly when shared on Google+. Otherwise, it might take days or weeks for Google bots to come crawl your site.


Optimized Sharing – When sharing a link on Google+, your entire first sentence of text is considered the title. This method is easy and accurately indexes your links.

Google Plus Optimized Sharing


Integrated Google Accounts – Gmail, Youtube, Google+, Calendar, Drive, etc. are all combined accounts. Optimizing your Google+ page will flow over to each of these Google tools making it easy to manage each one.


Circles – Similar to Linkedin, you can filter your friends, colleagues, and family members by posting in certain specific groups called circles. This has proven to be beneficial for professionals.

Google Plus Circles


Improved Google Places Page – Google+ will create a Places page for your business if you don’t. If you claim your business on Google+ you’ll be able to update your businesses profile with better pictures, store hours, directions, and a sales pitch.


High Ranking – Since Google likes itself so much, Google+ pages will often outrank all of your other pages with far less effort. Not only that, but click-through rates are significantly increased using the rel=”author” tag and specifying a Google+ profile. Your picture will appear beside your article, making it stand out among the rest!

Google Plus increased click through rates.


So, call Google+ desperate, needy, and overly attached if you want to. The fact still remains Google+ has a place in web marketing – a very big one. If you have any questions about Google+ give us a shout on Twitter and Facebook or leave us a comment below!

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  1. Joseph Lalli January 18, 2013 at 9:30 pm - Reply

    Great post guys. Let me add one thing. As Google+ continues to become the aggregate of all things Google, be on the look out for some pretty amazing features to be added.

    The Google Business Photos project for instance uses google maps street view technology to bring a whole new dimension to business listings (Local+ page). It’s awesome! You can “see inside” and virtually walk through the business. Because Google is super proud of their map the world inside and out mission, plus listings with these virtual tours attached have top priority in ranks. Making it a no brainer to get!

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