Social Media Strategy: Hospitals Using Social Media

how hospitals use social media

Social media strategies vary widely from one industry to the next, even while using the same platform. For example, the Facebook page of a popular baking blog shares exciting recipes with their fans, including pictures. The majority of feedback from their fans is upbeat and positive…”I really love your blog” or “What is your most popular pie recipe? I want to try it!”

Conversely, some industries implement social media strategies that are primarily developed to deliver excellent customer service. Health care institutions and providers are especially aware of this critical need. Often, the social media interaction involves someone with a health concern, searching for the proper diagnosis,  treatment, or moral support. Following are a number of excellent examples of how hospitals are addressing the challenges created by their diverse audiences:



A successful social media strategy will implement several, if not all of the methods used in this presentation. Educate, entertain, and listen to your fans and followers.

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