The Moral of Instagram’s Recent Purge of Fake Accounts

Earlier this month, Instagram announced they’d be shutting down and deleting spam accounts. Last week, they followed through and deleted millions upon millions of accounts.

That sounds like good news, right? Everybody hates spam! So why are people so angry?

For some, it’s because they paid good money for those followers:



See, performers, artists, politicians, and even many businesses buy followers to make themselves seem more relevant, more popular, or bigger than they really are. An awkward day for Justin Bieber, who lost over 3.5 million fans…

Instagram: You took away my followers! They were spam and not real people, but damnit, I earned them!

For others though, it’s purely about vanity. They derive some measure of their worth from their follower count, and now they’re lashing out at the evil company that took those followers away from them. The photos Instagram has posted this week have been pummeled with whiny, petulant comments:



Here’s the bottom line:

  1. The deleted accounts were spam, not real followers. Note that most people complaining online are complaining about followers being deleted – try finding someone who’s complaining about their account being deleted in this purge. You won’t find them because spam bots don’t complain.
  2. If you lost a ton of followers, you need to reassess your strategy. You either bought followers or ran contests or campaigns that encouraged people to follow with fake accounts.
  3. For businesses, this is a good thing. Spam followers are never going to be customers. Get rid of them and focus on marketing to real people!
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