How Doomsday Clocks Make Social Media Tick…Tick…Tick…

REM said it best – “It’s the end of the world as we know it.  And I feel fine.”


Doomsday Forecast

Look out Vegas, it’s getting 5 or 6 degrees warmer on Friday.

The inevitable winter storm season has finally hit the Midwest, which only further perpetuates the notion of this “end of the world” everyone’s been sort-of joking about on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets.  Leave it to all your friends and family on Facebook, those all-of-a-sudden experts on meteorology, climate change, or ancient world civilizations to act as news couriers for the coming apocalypse.  Even WWE’s Matt Hardy and funny guy Jim Gaffigan are getting into the spirit.

Matt Hardy Doomsday Tweet

Jim Gaffigan Doomsday Tweet

The impact on your news feed has been nothing short of phenomenal.  A simple Google search for “end of the world facebook” netted a metric ton of pages solely dedicated to spreading the word about the day of infamy.  A similar search on the social media giant itself provided a glimpse into the saturated gloom and doom market.  Some almost romanticize the potential catastrophe, much to the chagrin of other doomsday faithful.  It’s really a mess out there.

Doomsday Facebook Fan Pages


Perhaps this doomsday really IS inevitable.  If you ever thought to yourself, “The world must be ending if something EVER makes me miss Black Friday posts,” a speck of truth could be had in this digital catastrophe, right?   Maybe the real apocalypse is having, of all things great and awesome in this world, “#Mayans” trending on Twitter.  #Mayans.  Seriously.

Facebook Doomsday Fan Page

4,000 more likes and we’ve got ourselves a hootenanny!


Whether or not the prophecy comes to fruition, it’s important to note how much of a global impact this event (or non-event) has had on us all.  The socialsphere has been captivated by the possibility and wonder of something unexplainable.  Keep this in mind the next time around when something threatens to shatter the very essence of human existence – then perhaps you’ll be a step ahead on the forecast memes.

I’ll go ahead and stick with the REAL Mayan prophecy – for every hair that falls off Michael Stipe’s head, a year is lost to the World.

Michael Stipe's baldness will end the world

Well . . . shoot.


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