Why Your eCommerce Site Should Be Using Social Media

In recent years, social media has become a such a major part of the online space, as well as American culture as a whole that businesses can no longer afford to ignore it. Just how important is social media? Well…social media user stats

  • 53,457,258,000 minutes are spent on Facebook by Americans each month
  • 565,156,000 minutes are spent on Twitter by Americans each month
  • 325,679,000 minutes are spent on LinkedIn by Americans each month
  • 80% of internet users use social media or visit blogs
  • 40% of social media users access from their phones
  • 53% of active social media users follow a brand
  • Users active on social media sites are:
    • 75% more likely to spend heavily on music
    • 47% more likely to spend heavily on clothes and shoes
    • 19% more likely to attend a sporting event
    • 45% more likely to go on a date
    • 12% more likely to shop online (70% total)

*All Stats from Nielsen’s fantastic Q3 2011 Social Media Report

Phew, that’s a lot of stats, but what do they all mean? Well, it looks like social media is all kinds of popular in the US as Americans collectively spend 37 million days per month on Facebook alone!

From a business standpoint, it’s pretty silly not to be utilizing Facebook and Twitter as a part of your online marketing. Almost everybody is using social media and its most fervent users are more likely to spend their money online.

If you sell niche products, you can choose where to focus your social media efforts to reach the demographics you’re targeting. For instance, 62% of Facebook’s users are female and African Americans are more represented on Twitter than any other social media site.

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