Google Reveals Dynamic Ads for AdWords

changes to google adwordsGoogle has decided to expand its main source of revenue, AdWords, with a new feature called Dynamic Search Ads. The idea is that Google will index your site regularly for any changes and dynamically create ads using keywords from your new content, all without you ever needing to log into AdWords!

Google will only be generating the titles for your dynamic ads. You still have control over the body of the ad. These ads will target the more obscure search queries that are normally not targeted by any AdWord campaign. No doubt this will be a boon for Google, as they will now be able to advertise on virtually every search being made on their engine. The question is will it be profitable for the advertisers? Google says that it will be thanks to the more targeted visitors the dynamic ads will bring to your site, meaning a higher conversion rate.

Lawrence Cotter, the General Manager of used Dynamic ads for several weeks and reported:

“Using Dynamic Search Ads increased conversions by almost 50% with an average cost-per-conversion that’s 73% less than our traditional search ads. Dynamic Search Ads are doing a really good job finding the right searches to tap into, creating good ads, and getting visitors to the most relevant page on our site.”

Right now, Dynamic Search Ads hasn’t been released for everyone, but you can sign up for the beta here.

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