Academy Awards Infographic

Take a look at this infographic about the Academy Awards and Advertising:
Media Buying, Media Planning, and the Oscars

So why post about an Academy Awards infographic on a Web Presence Management site?

Because we made this specific one for Ocean Media and infographics have become a solid way of helping to boost overall web presence. If utilized correctly, infographics can help attract links into your site; as well as providing unique, high-quality content that can attract more loyal visitors.

The Importance of Backlinks

Google bases much of its ranking algorithm on the quantity and quality of links coming into your site. Links from other sites, or “backlinks” as they are more commonly known, give your site authority in the search engine’s eyes, allowing your content to in turn gain improved rankings for the keywords it’s hopefully already optimized for. The best (and most “legal” from the search engine’s point of view) way to acquire these links is through unique, high-quality content that people want to share with their friends. Infographics can fit this profile perfectly and are very simple to share.

You can then control the way people link to you with the infographic by providing optimized embed codes that include your the top keywords, both in the URL and the alt text for the image, you are targeting with the infographic.

Right now, the internet is all about delivering the most useful/interesting content to people in the fastest, most visually pleasing way possible; and infographics do just that.

To see the original graphic and read more about it, head on over to Ocean Media Agency’s Blog. If you would like to learn more about our infographic design services, contact us today.

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