New SEO Tools in Google Analytics

Google AnalyticsGoogle has listened to feedback from its Analytics users and released a new set of reports focused on SEO. Under the Traffic Sources section, you will find a new category called “Search Engine Optimization”. This change delivers in-depth Query Reports, Landing Page Reports, and a Geographical Summary.

The most useful addition is the new Query Reports which provides detailed information about your site’s presence on Google’s search results. You can also view impressions, click through rate, average position and more for your top 1000 search queries. You can apply filters to these results to get more information about which queries should be focused on optimizing.

Also, you can now view how many times your top landing pages appear in Google’s search results with the Landing Pages Report. The Geographical Summary is great if your SEO campaign spans multiple countries, letting you view impressions and click-through by country.

Google’s SEO reports are a welcome addition to Analytics. To view these reports, you must be a Webmaster Tools verified site owner. Contact Optima today to learn how to use the new Analytics tools to boost your web presence.


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