SEO New Years Resolutions

SEO in 2012Happy New Year from all of us at Optima! To kick off a great 2012 for your website, consider making one of  the following a New Years resolution for your business…

Comment on related blogs

If you’re reading this, you follow at least one blog. You probably even have a blog yourself, so you know how hard it can be to get people to interact. Take the first step! Pick a few blogs you particularly like, and make an effort to comment on their blog posts this year.  Pick blogs that are related but not competitors – industry associations or magazines, suppliers, or businesses that offer goods or services that are complimentary to your own.

If the blogs discuss related subjects, the interaction should be a win-win. You can link to similar posts you have written on your own blog, share your own experience, and hopefully get some visitors from those other sites. Those other bloggers may return the favor and start commenting on your blog as well. You may even make some new friends or find mutual business opportunities, just by leaving comments on blogs you’re already reading!

Write at least 1 more blog post per week

For many, this resolution could read “Write 1 blog post per week.” Others may already be writing 2-3 a week – great! See if you can make it 3-4 this year. Gather the people in your company who have a hand in sales, marketing or customer service. Ask them what questions they get from customers or prospects on a regular basis. Do you have an FAQ? Consider writing a post to address particularly important questions. Trust me, it’s nice when a customer asks a question and you can say “Actually, we wrote a blog post about that… Here’s the link.”

When it comes to blogging, more is always better. Unless the extra posts are crap, I suppose…

Start being more social

If you’re already active on Facebook and Twitter, you might want to see what Google+ has to offer. Google+ is particularly popular among photographers and people in the IT field.  If there is anything crafty, creative, cute or edible about your business, give Pinterest a try. If you work in the B2B realm or offer any sort of professional service, try joining groups on LinkedIn around your niche. Use the search box to look for Groups by topic:

As a company that provides SEO services, I decided to join groups like “Kansas City IT Professionals” and “On Startups – The Community For Entrepreneurs.” I follow the discussions and weigh in on topics related to my business, and occasionally start discussions of my own.

Be Reasonable

When you’re considering resolutions (or goals in general), make sure they are attainable. As a health coach, my wife tells clients that willpower and discipline are a lot like muscles – if you start slowly and gradually build them up, they’ll become stronger and you’ll be able to do more than you thought possible. On the other hand, if you try to move mountains on day 1, you’ll hurt yourself and end up disappointed and angry. So, if you’re not blogging yet, set a goal of posting on the first day of each month. If you’re not ready for that yet, pick a few blogs to subscribe to via email. Set goals you think you can achieve, and then challenge yourself with goals that are a bit more ambitious.


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