Why it’s (Long Past) Time to Give up Flash on Your Website

If posted four years ago, this article still would’ve been completely relevant but the knocks against Adobe Flash just keep coming. Sure, used sparingly flash can create a striking first impression for your web presence but there are just too many downsides and alternatives to really recommend its use any more.

no flash for windows 8 browserTablets and Mobile Devices

Apple’s takedown of Flash while it was launching its hugely successful iPad really speaks volumes. In an era where tablets are becoming cheaper and more common amongst everyday internet users, Flash just doesn’t make sense anymore. Touch screens don’t work very well with Flash’s reliance on mouseovers and it is a major battery drainer. Not to mention Apple attributing Flash as being the most common factor for Macs crashing.

Microsoft also recently introduced Windows 8 which has a much stronger focus on being optimized for tablets than any Windows before. By default, the new “Metro UI” style won’t allow Flash to appear in its web browser. Microsoft team leader Dean Hachamovitch says disabling Flash “improves battery life as well as security, reliability and privacy for consumers.”

Other Tech Has Caught Up:

And this is why Microsoft can shun Flash on its desktop devices too. Microsoft rightly came to the decision to disable Flash because of the rising alternatives to it. Most sites using Flash also include an HTML5 option to display videos (youtube, etc…), and for the sites that require Flash, Windows 8 tablet users can press a “Use Desktop View” button to view sites running Microsoft’s ActiveX.

html5 game oloCheck out this fantastic HTML5-based game for tablets called Olo. These are the types of things that only flash could do in a time-effective manner but now you can play amazingly addictive games without Flash, with bigger and better things sure to be on the way. This doesn’t even take into account mobile app games or that you can play games like Angry Birds needing only a Chrome browser

You can create beautiful and robust banner images for sites using javascript plugins as an alternative to Flash that are very search engine friendly and feature all types of animations.


Speaking of search engines, Flash and search engines have never really worked harmoniously together. Google has made strides in trying to index flash but it’s not the same as having a site and its content built in HTML. Your site needs a strongly optimized structural foundation for long-term search engine success and Flash-based sites just can’t do that for you.

Let’s face it. Flash just isn’t a great option anymore for websites. It’s blocked by a huge new section of the market (tablets/mobile) and its functionality can be replicated by a growing number of better alternatives. Even worse for Flash, 2,000,000 people currently go out of their way to disable Flash entirely by downloading plugins for Firefox and Chrome web browsers.

Altogether, it appears to be the end of an era for Flash on the web. If you are interested in web presence management, or how to convert your Flash site to HTML, contact Optima today.

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